Our Services

www.AGMdocuments.com is a service specially established to facilitate Listed Companies to comply with the above rules in an effective and cost efficientmanner.

We create specially segregated web pages which are accessible via the Company's existing website, usually through the Investor Relations section or through any other section the Company prefers. These new web pages, even though accessible through the Company's existing website, operate under a different URL (www.companyticker.agmdocuments.com) are cookie free, have no other tracking device and we have turned off the website’s connection log, which automatically tracks numerical IP addresses that connect to it. All AGM documents are posted on these web pages together with other useful information on theAGM.

We offer two webpage options in terms of look and layout. The first one, our Core Package, provides standardized web pages which blend with the Company's existing website and carry the Company's logo. The second one, the Enhanced Package, provides web pages which blend completely with those of the existing corporate website in terms of look, feel and color.

The turnaround time for our service is usually two to three business days depending on the complexity of the website to be established.

We also offer other complementary value added services, such as On-Line Interactive Annual Reports, and document processing,making the documents displayed on the website easy to access, read and print.